Paraya fish caught on fly

A diverse Amazon fishery

Colombia Amazon Adventures provide an escape to fish for some of the worlds most incredible fish in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest.

Visit Bogata for your city experience before finding adventure in the Amazon Jungle. Live with the Puinave Indians in comfortable camps. Wake up to peacocks of macaws overhead while taking in a jungle-perfect sunrise. Take part in traditional hunts or gather fruit and seeds from the jungle.

The Amazon Rainforest is the most biodiverse region on the planet. You will be exploring a protected area to gain an absolute understanding of the natural world. Expect to run into wildlife during your stay including many iconic species like the Amazon river dolphin, tapirs, the green anaconda, giant otters and the elusive jaguar.

​This part of the world is so special.

Columbia Amazon Adventures & Packages

We offer full adventure packages to tour Colombia. Book a set departure package or a hosted tour & receive great advice on your itinerary. Alternatively, we can custom build a vacation that matches your need, budget & expectations.

Colombia is an adventure waiting to happen. From the city experience to the amazon jungle you will encounter friendly & hospitable people and a culture of conservation. Book your Columbia Amazon Adventures with Outside Wild… now is the time.