A fly fisherman holding a rod while walking boulders in Bolivia

Welcome to the Jungle

Bolivia fly fishing holidays are without a doubt the most adventurous destinations on the planet right now.

The jungle. Let your imagination run wild. There is no place on earth that connects you to wild spaces like an adventure into the deepest darkest Bolivian rainforest.

The Golden Dorado that calls these waters home are magnificent target species, hard-hitting, strong fighters & glorious to look at. Sight-fishing in small trout-like streams & witnessing a Golden Dorado charge a fly is something each and every able-bodied fly fisherman should experience.

Bolivia Fly fishing Holidays & Packages

But there is more to fly fishing in Bolivia than Golden Dorado. Pacu & Surubi make regular appearances & should be targeted when conditions are right. If you want to book your next adventure vacation to Bolivia, then enquire with us today. We will ensure you get to all the right spots at the right time to make your holiday the best yet.

Bolivia is a trip of a lifetime. These tours are best experienced by smaller groups of anglers and don’t overlook the possibility of bringing non-angling friends. The experience goes far beyond the streams… this place is wild!