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A country of diversity & wild escapes

Venezuela is a country of beautiful landscapes where adventure is waiting to happen. Magnificent waterfalls tumble off tabletop mountains and the Andes Mountains soaring to over 16,000 feet dominate the horizon while coastal towns and islands offer tropical escapes and soft-sand beaches.

Venezuela is a colourful nation with lively cities, wild spaces and superb unexplored fishing opportunities. Visitors have adventure opportunity in every direction. Venezuelans, especially some of the younger generations are warm, incredibly hospitable and almost always up for a good time.

Travelling in Venezuela is affordable. This does not mean poor quality. Flights, food, accommodation & activities are of an incredibly high standard.

Venezuela Adventure Holiday Packages

We offer full vacation packages to tour Venezuela. Make your booking with us and we’ll custom build a holiday that matches your need, budget & expectations.

Book your Venezuela adventure with Outside Wild… you will not regret your decision.

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Los Roques

Los Roques Venezuela is, without doubt, one of the best fly fishing destinations in the Caribbean. Bonefish in their hundreds provide anglers with shots all day and in multiple habitats for ultimate variation. Fish over 5 pounds are caught more frequently than fish under 2 pounds, and good numbers of fish in the 7-10 pound range are present.