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Too much, Too soon, Too fast.

The idea of “Too Much, Too Fast, Too Soon” was distilled into my head after a few competitively cold beers with Greg Ghaui on the banks of a river some years ago. The initial catalyst for this thought came up earlier that day after watching […]

Iceland Fishing Guide Focus

Our friends in Iceland have been getting into some seriously cool fishing as their salmon season opens up. In doing so they’ve been showing us just how accessible salmon fishing can be in Iceland, with dime-bright Atlantic salmon being caught within Reykjavík city limits.   […]

Bird-eating GT’s of Farquhar Atoll, Seychelles

There are not many fishermen in the world today who have not watched (multiple times) the Blue Planet II footage of Fish vs. Bird. The clip offers some incredible insight into how a Giant Trevally (GT) calculates airspeed, altitude and trajectory of birds in flight. […]

Africa’s Eden – Fishing in Gabon

Gabon’s jungle fishery separates the wild from the most wild Outside Wild is hosting a tour to Gabon Sette Cama in March 2022. For those looking for the ultimate African adventure, Gabon surely is the destination of dreams. Guests experience pristine fishing within the safety […]

Fly Fishing in the Bahamas – H2O Bonefishing

For most American travellers, specifically those on the East Coast, there’s no question that the Bahamas is the premier international bonefishing destination. It’s easy to access, fish are plentiful, and the weather is mild. And it doesn’t get any easier than H2O Bonefishing. A unique […]

Campfire Stories with a living legend – Kinglsey Holgate

If you are going to go on an African adventure, wouldn’t it be a dream come true to meet a someone who has made it their Life’s work! A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society… Thanda Tented Camp offers an authentic safari adventure in the […]

Adventure Fly Fishing in Iceland – Highland Rivers

We’ve been wanting to get back to the Icelandic Highlands ever since the moment we left, and this August is the chance to join us! There is nothing quite like Fly Fishing in Iceland, it is truly an adventure to tick of your bucket list. […]

Must-Have Safari Delicacies – South African Snacks

Five South African Specialties You’ll Wish You Had at Home You’ve booked your safari vacation to Africa, with South Africa as your preferred destination. Well, there is more to safaris than big-game encounters and luxury lodges. To make the most of the opportunity, we encourage […]

Enjoy the Spaciousness of the Seychelles

If there is one saltwater fly-fishing destination that needs to be on every Angler’s list, it’s the Seychelles. From the endless, wadeable flats teeming with giant trevally and bumphead parrotfish to the sheer adventure of traveling to Farquhar Atoll, the Seychelles is the ultimate saltwater […]

Visit Iceland with Outside Wild

Visit Iceland safely with Outside Wild. The moratorium on international travel that CoVid has caused is rapidly easing as vaccinations take effect, and Iceland is near the top of the list of destinations for us to visit this year. Native Ice Age brown trout and […]