New Zealand

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Finishing school for Trout fishermen

New Zealand is one of the world’s great fishing countries and certainly a trout fisherman’s dream. Trout are plentiful throughout the country and most fishing is done in wild, unspilt & gin-clear rivers. Fishing opportunities are endless with lakes, rivers, backcountry streams and spring creeks all hosting plentiful brown and rainbow trout. On the South Island, you can also fish for salmon in many places.

New Zealand’s crystal clear rivers and lakes provide excellent sight fishing opportunities but make no mistake, these fish are not easy to catch. Fishing with a qualified guide or outfitter is essential to finding success in New Zealand.

It is also important to mention that New Zealand is more than a fishing destination. The country offers an exceptional array of outdoor & adventure activities throughout the year. There is never a bad time to visit New Zealand.

New Zealand Outdoor Adventure Holiday Packages

We offer full vacation packages to tour to both South & North Island. The most common visitors we serve are fly fishermen but with skiing, climbing, hiking & adventuring in each direction we can certainly make your vacation dreams come true in New Zealand. Make your booking with us and we’ll custom build a holiday that matches your need, budget & expectations.

New Zealand is a fantastic & hospitable place to visit. The people are friendly, the sights are mind-blowing & being English speaking, nothing is out of reach.

Book your Adventure Holidays with Outside Wild… you will not regret your decision.