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Fly Fishing in the Bahamas – H2O Bonefishing

For most American travellers, specifically those on the East Coast, there’s no question that the Bahamas is the premier international bonefishing destination. It’s easy to access, fish are plentiful, and the weather is mild. And it doesn’t get any easier than H2O Bonefishing. A unique operation based directly in Freeport, Grand Bahama (which has direct flights from plenty of major hubs).

Fishing Trip Bahamas with Outside Wild

In addition to targeting plentiful tailing bonefish on seemingly never-ending Bahamian flats, depending on the time of year, you can also get shots at tarpon, permit, and snapper, plus omnipresent barracuda!


H2O allows anglers to target the best fishing for the current conditions by trailering boats each day to the best launch locations around Grand Bahama. Anglers then return back to Pelican Bay Resort at the end of a great day of fishing, where they can relax and tell fish stories at Bones Bar over a cold Kalik and a delicious meat pie!

The Bahamas have now opened to vaccinated travellers as well as those with recent negative tests, so traveling to the Bahamas to target bonefish with H2O Bonefishing is a spectacular yet attainable way to scratch the travel itch! For convenience and simplicity, Outside Wild will get everything sorted for you – just click here for a quote.

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