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Adventure Travel Gabon with Outside Wild

Africa’s Eden – Fishing in Gabon

Gabon’s jungle fishery separates the wild from the most wild

Outside Wild is hosting a tour to Gabon Sette Cama in March 2022.

Fly fishing Gabon with Outside Wild

For those looking for the ultimate African adventure, Gabon surely is the destination of dreams. Guests experience pristine fishing within the safety of an established national park.

Bask in unspoiled coastlines and estuaries under the safeguard of the protected jungle.

The Sette Cama camp is on the southern boundary of the Loango National Park, offering a highly exclusive experience, in which to enjoy both the fishing and wildlife of this untouched haven.

Gabon boasts the world second-largest rainforest (second only to the Amazon), which is home to some incredible unique African species.

Fishing in Gabon with Outside Wild

Explore the last unexplored Africa

Loango is justifiably known as “Africa’s last Eden”. Lonely Planet describes the area as a coastal jungle where warm streams criss-cross pockets of thick forest and salty savannah, while vast island-dotted lagoons and miles of white-sand beach provide habitat for all manner of creatures.

This jungle coastline is without doubt one of the most incredible wildlife watching destinations on the face of the planet. The multiple biomes create opportunites to view elephants and hippopotamus wandering the beaches, lowland gorillas in the forests and the variety of Africa’s big mammals and cats on the savannah.

Loango National Park is also a destination for the Gabon’s largest concentration and variety of whales and dolphins… and of course trophy Tarpon, Threadfin and Jacks.

Fishing in Gabon for Behemoths

Fortunately, Gabon’s coastline is unmarred and the behemoth fish thrive in the estuaries’ wild waters.

There is no finer surf and estuary fishery in the world! Tackle giant Tarpon, drag busting Threadfin in the surf or the swarming hoards of Jack Crevalle and Cubera Snapper in the estuary. Guests are never short of fishing opportunites. Click here to see what the leading Guide has to say about fishing in Gabon, the coming season plus his photo essay back it up.

Jungle Fishing Gabon

Accommodation is in the form of rustic chalets with twin configuration. Each room has two beds with an ensuite. The rooms have AC as well as plug points to charge your cellphones, camera’s etc. Meals are enjoyed in the main living area, which includes a stocked bar and a deck overlooking the Ndogo estuary.

Visit Africa and take on some of the world’s biggest Tarpon with Outside Wild in 2022. Join us on our prime week at Sette Cama Gabon March 12-19, 2022. See more about the tour on this link.

Africa Adventure Travel with Outside Wild

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