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Farquhar Atoll, Sechelles

Enjoy the Spaciousness of the Seychelles

If there is one saltwater fly-fishing destination that needs to be on every Angler’s list, it’s the Seychelles. From the endless, wadeable flats teeming with giant trevally and bumphead parrotfish to the sheer adventure of traveling to Farquhar Atoll, the Seychelles is the ultimate saltwater fly-fishing adventure.

Look up and let your eyes stretch out, explore miles and miles of the most crystalline waters and blissful flats in the world. Imagine running into a giant tortoise that could be more than 100 years old before tangling with bird-eating, behemoth GTs that can weigh upwards of 100-pounds!

Enjoy dining on authentic Creole cuisine along the shoreline.

A visit to Farquhar Atoll is much more than a fly-fishing trip, it’s a true escape to a relaxing, diverse paradise half a world away. It just so happens to also be one of the best places in the world to fly fish, so consider that a bonus.

Join our Farquhar Atoll tour 2021

Our tour to Farquhar Atoll is this October 2021 & a year from now your friends and family will still be thanking you for making this trip happen. Snag the booking-space, create something to look forward to and start preparing for the adventure.


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