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the lure of the gabon jungle

The lure of the Gabon jungle

Jungle fishing: A photo essay of Gabon!

Outside Wild is hosting a tour to Gabon Sette Cama in March 2022. We connected with head guide, Mark Murray, at the camp to give us some insight into how the brief Covid season went, and what we can look forward to in the wild jungles of Gabon.

For those looking for the ultimate African adventure, Gabon is the destination of dreams. Guest get to experience a fishing experience bar none, but they have unique access to the Loango National Park. This is the lure of the Gabon jungle tour.

This is the globes second-largest rainforest, second only to the Amazon and home to some incredible species, many of which are encountered during your visit. These include chimpanzees, lowland gorillas, red riverine hogs, forest sitatunga, numerous forest duikers and monkeys. If you are lucky, you may also experience forest elephant and forest buffalo sightings along the beach.

tarpon landed in gabon

Feedback from head guide at Sette Cama Mark Murray

After a rainy season that was a little dryer than normal the year before, the 2020 Sette Cama season was lining up to be a bumper. With good consistent rainfall over the jungle ensuring a big flow of both freshwater & nutrients into the surf every week, the anglers were treated to some mind-blowing fishing sessions. From big cubera snapper and African threadfin on foot on fly, to monster tarpon on lure in the surf, and countless numbers of longfin jacks working the surf and estuary at sunrise & sunset.

Unfortunately, the worldwide pandemic brought a halt to the season, but thanks to the ongoing conservation initiative by Gabon Parc’s & African Waters, ensuring that the fishery keeps growing from strength to strength, we are super excited to see what season 2021/2022 will hold.

Contact us to join our tour to Gabon in 2022. The dates are: 12 – 19 March 2022.

See more about the tour on this link: 

barracuda in gabon double up jacks in gabon bull shark in gabon cubera snapper caught in gabon threadfin in gabon evening fishing in gabon gabon fishing threadfin in gabon tarpon in gabon Jungle fishing in gabon

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